Job Openings

Job Description – Director of Administration

Full Time (will consider a part-time arrangement for exceptional candidates), Remote (work from anywhere!), Reports to the Board of Directors

NC3’s mission is to democratize financial systems, where empowered citizen investors catalyze the growth of locally-rooted ventures creating economic opportunity for all. We are especially committed to the intentional inclusion of communities and entrepreneurs historically excluded due to class, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.

Part network, part think-tank, and part collaborative, NC3 was founded in 2017 by a group of innovative thought leaders with expertise in a variety of fields related to finance and community development. They shared the concern that systemic economic problems were undermining life in communities across the country; they shared a vision of a more sustainable, inclusive and democratic economy; and they were united in their belief in the potential of grassroots community champions and Main Street investors from across the economic spectrum working together to drive meaningful systemic change.

We focus on educating people (through quality programs, by sharing helpful resources, etc.), connecting people, fostering innovation, and advocating for systemic change. The Director of Administration will serve as the senior administrator. Working with the Board of Directors, NC3 members (a variety of individuals and organizations nationwide), and other stakeholders, they will play a central role in planning, developing and facilitating programs, events, and collaborative projects. They will be responsible for fielding inbound requests, for coordinating outbound communications, and for managing the day to day operations of a national coalition.

The ideal person…

…is knowledgeable about economics and is passionate about economic justice and systemic reform

…is a natural network builder comfortable meeting with, connecting, and coordinating people

…has management or administrative experience (experience working with a board is a plus!)

…has excellent oral and written communication skills

…is comfortable managing a variety of tech tools and internet platforms (inc. social media platforms and tools like G Suite, Mailchimp, Stripe, Eventbrite, etc.)

…is a self-starter able to work independently

Job Responsibilities:

Coordinating events, programs, and special projects

General Administration (managing documents and logistics, preparing reports, etc.)

Financial Management (collecting member dues, program fees, sponsorships, donations; paying vendors, etc.)

Communications (speaking with stakeholders, publicizing programs and events through various channels, sharing news, working with partners and vendors to manage websites and collect, develop and manage digital content, etc.)

Supporting fundraising efforts (collecting information for grants and reports, managing the donor database, etc.)

Growth Potential: The Director of Administration position will be the lead staff position, and as the organization grows and staffing increases, it is anticipated that responsibilities will increase.

To apply:

Email your resume to [email protected] by March 31 along with a cover letter that answers the question: Why are you passionate about economic justice?