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Join the National Coalition for Community Capital’s network of organizations and individuals working to democratize our economy & grow community wealth.

NC3 is building a network of organizations and individuals who understand the power of democratizing investment, building strong local economies, and community capital retention.

NC3’s mission is to democratize financial systems where empowered citizen investors catalyze the growth of locally-rooted ventures creating economic opportunity for all. Part network, part think-tank, and part collaborative, NC3 was formed by a group of practitioners who came together to address specific gaps in the shift towards a more sustainable economy. We seek to expand the use of community capital tools (such as investment crowdfunding, community investment funds, peer-to-peer lending, and direct public offerings) by teaching entrepreneurs, investors, and every day citizens how to use them and by advocating for the expansion and creation of emerging models. 

NC3’s network of organizations and individuals will share resources, disseminate best practices, and encourage collaboration to grow community wealth and strengthen local economies nationwide.

Who Should Join:

NC3 welcomes anyone who is interested in creating more equitable, resilient, and engaged communities. Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur, lawyer, financial advisor, economic developer, community activist, local government, or interested citizen, you are a vital member of the community capital ecosystem. NC3 seeks to work across sectors and in collaboration with other movements, complimenting work being done by the local food and buy local movements, impact investing firms, foundations, corporations, CDFIs, and others who recognize the importance and power of democratic local economies.